Early Childhood

Your child’s first exposure to school should be one of wonder, excitement, discovery, and fun.

Play is paramount at this age for young minds to discover how things work, learn new vocabulary, role play, and explore the world beyond their families. Our Early Childhood classrooms are alive with sensory explorations, artistic adventures, and imaginary play. Friendships begin to form as parallel play gradually becomes more cooperative with teacher guidance. It is here that you will find a child learning to write her name in shaving cream, another creating a world where trains and spaceships shuttle dinosaurs to dinner, while simultaneously a child dressed as a doctor puts on a puppet show. Imaginations soar and passions are discovered during these formative years.

Young students are read to every day as they are introduced to the world of literature. Children enjoy both indoor and outdoor play and have time for expressing themselves creatively each day. Co-curricular classes in music, art, Spanish, and physical education are a part of our approach to educating the whole child. Our youngest learners are active participants in our school-wide monthly life skills themes such as kindness and generosity.

Academic Day

The hallmarks of the early childhood academic day are a healthy balance of free & structured play, academic activities, and exercise, coupled with a focus on character development and social and emotional learning.

A Day in the Life

Co-curricular Classes

Daily co-curricular classes enhance the Early Childhood experience and allow our youngest learners to experience the best aspects of being in a Preschool through Grade Eight school. These classes are taught by faculty who specialize in specific areas and each offer a niche curriculum for our youngest learners.

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