Upper School

Grades 6, 7 & 8

Our vibrant, close-knit, and diverse student body in grades six, seven, and eight is comprised of passionate and hard-working adolescents who care a great deal about their community and about each other. Their daily environment is one in which it is “cool” to learn, to be kind, and to treat others respectfully and ethically. CDS upper school students actively support one another in and out of the classroom and cultivate healthy, lifelong friendships. In a safe and warm setting, true learning and meaningful personal reflection can happen. 

Academic Day

The academically ambitious program of the CDS Upper School, coupled with our small class sizes, guarantees that each student’s work will receive individual attention and that our dedicated faculty will be able to “stretch” and support every mind appropriately.

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Advisory & Clubs

Advisory and clubs at CDS provide a foundation of support for students through both adult and self-advocacy, an avenue for explicit social-emotional learning, and opportunities for students to take ownership of their educational experience.

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8th Grade Experience

The eighth grade year at CDS is built with intention around preparing for what is next while staying firmly grounded in the present as the eldest students and leaders in the school. Guiding students and families as they navigate the placement process is thoughtfully approached with a personal touch, and students leave CDS prepared and confident to take on what’s next for them.

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