CDS Faculty Fund

CDS Faculty Fund

Supporting the Growth of CDS Faculty

Our faculty have many diverse strengths, and they work tirelessly to get to know your children and to provide our students with a superior school experience. The Faculty Fund will allow us to support and grow teachers above and beyond what we can do with salaries and a small yearly professional development budget. Our faculty are always pining to learn more, to expand on what they know, and to improve in specific areas, and we have prioritized this importance of a professional and personal growth mindset. The Faculty Fund will support more in-depth and ongoing professional development opportunities, including day, week, and year-long conferences on differentiation, diversity work, best-practice use of technology, leadership, learning and the brain, subject specific enhancements, and much more. We hope to make this a part what we do and who we are, and not simply one-off experiences for a select few.

The Fund will also allow us to support our faculty in their desire to grow professionally through additional education. Our goal is to be able to encourage faculty members to take graduate level classes in specific and relevant educational and psychological topics, and even obtain advanced degrees whilst they continue to work full-time at CDS.

There are many benefits to a robust Faculty Fund. It will increase teacher satisfaction, it will enhance our teaching skills and our curricular depth, it will increase our ability to reach a wide range of students, it will encourage strong teachers to choose CDS, and to stay at CDS, and to make a teaching career at our school, and it will promote a better quality of life for our teachers. In its most relevant summary, the Faculty Fund will support and advance our teachers, and, in turn, directly impact and benefit our students.

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