Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Chatham Day School recognizes the significant physical, emotional, and social growth that takes place in the middle and upper divisions as a discrete set of developmental phases to be nurtured and supported. Our Wellness Program seeks to equip students with the information and decision-making skills they will need not only to thrive in the moment but also to lay the groundwork for a future in which healthful bodies, minds, and relationships are valued and prioritized.

In this notable time of change, our young students are bombarded with messages from the media and the social milieu that are not always trustworthy and health-promoting. Because we cannot anticipate every challenge our students may face, we believe that the development of critical thinking skills is of the utmost importance so that students are prepared to evaluate the impact of their choices on their personal wellbeing. In our Wellness Program, learning takes place in-context and through the lens of our students’ unique identities, values, and circumstances.

In Wellness classes, students explore the interrelated nature of the classic “health triangle” in which physical, emotional, and social factors work together to promote a lifetime of overall good health and wellbeing. At each grade level, the program covers age-appropriate topics in:

Physical health: hygiene, nutrition, sleep, exercise, human sexuality, substance use, and accident & violence prevention.

Mental health: self-identity, stress, mindfulness-based stress reduction, emotional regulation, and signs of mental illness.

Social health: healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and social media and technology.